Custom Software

Kaos Software has more than 20 years of programming expertise using such technologies as Java, Visual Basic, and .Net as well an extensive knowledge of Android development tools. 



Web Design

Kaos Software can design a web presence  for you or your company at a price that can't be matched! We guarantee it! Call today: (765)421-6249. 


Gaming PC Builds

Kaos Software is one of Lafayette, Indiana's leading custom gaming computer designers. We build gaming systems to exceed the requirements of even the most demanding games.


Smartphone Repair

We repair most brands and models of Smartphones; including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.

+1 (765) 421-6249

 1012 Hartford St #1, Lafayette, IN 47904

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Web Design


A well designed website is an absolute necessity for any business – even if you don’t intend to sell online.  The average consumer will search for your business online prior to visiting your physical location. In fact, GE Capital Retail Bank’s Second Annual Shopper Study shows that an increasing number of people do their research online prior to going out to make purchases. The study found that 81% of consumers thoroughly research a product or company online before making purchases.  Your web presence is a potential customer's first impression of your business.

These days, it seems like anyone can create a simple site, quickly and easily using page generators or Content Management Systems.  While these sites can look great and seem complex, true web design isn't so simple.  Do you really want your site to be a clone of thousands of others, or would you prefer your content custom tailored to your business and its needs?  What good is a website buried so deeply in the thousands of pages of search results that there is really not much chance of anyone ever actually seeing it?   

 Kaos Software will custom design your personal or business website to be visually appealing, cost effective, and highly rated in search engines. We will create a state of the art and easy to find web presence for you or your company at a price that can't be matched!  Kaos Software web design services include:


Smart Phone Repair

So, your Smartphone has a shattered screen, and you just found out that your warranty is now void.  Not to worry, we repair most makes and models of Smartphones; including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.Repair Services include: 

  • Shattered screen replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Motherboard/CPU Repair and Upgrades
  • PDA Repair
  • Front or Rear Camera Replacement
  • Keypad Replacement or Repair
  • Android Root/unroot (This WILL void your warranty)
  • Android Unbricking
  • Operating System installation, modifications, upgrades and custom ROM installation.

The Legend of Jaida for Windows and Android

The Legend of Jaida is a Digital RPG Card Game that is currently in development for Windows®, Windows Phone®, Android and Facebook.  Build your party and battle epic monsters to earn gold, glory, and legendary items as you advance through levels to improve your party.  Purchase items and item upgrades from town shops for further improvement.  The Legend of Jaida will be unique in that it will be the only game of its kind which is truly "free to play".  No "in app" purchases in this free download will make for hours of play, without hitting you in the wallet.


Protect Yourself from Malware

 What it is:

The term, "malware", means any malicious software.  This includes, but is not limited to, spyware, viruses, adware, keyloggers, hijackers,  bots, ransomware, rootkits, worms, and trojans.  Generally, any software or code which intentionally produces an undesirable affect is malware.  Malware can steal sensitive personal information, such as financial/banking information, social network account login information, browsing history and other sensitive data for the purposes of financial fraud, identity theft, finding new victims, and any other imaginable purpose.  Some malware simply floods your device with annoying ads (often linking to other malware).  Others spy on your browsing history to send personal data to third parties without your knowledge.

 Who can get it:

Any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other computerized device can be infected by malware.  It is a common misconception that only devices running the Windows® Operating System can be infected by malware.  This simply is not true.  This myth is fueled by the fact that more than 80% of all computer systems run on the Windows® platform, and are therefore more frequently targeted.  The same is true for mobile devices.  More than 90% of all malware affecting mobile devices are on the Android OS.  Again, this is due to the popularity of that platform, and not some special vulnerability.  

How devices become infected:

There are numerous ways a device can become infected with malware.  In fact, cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to distribute their malicious code.  A few of the more common routes of infection are:

  • E-mail attachments
  • SMS attachments
  • Pirated software
  • Pirated Media
  • Pornography sites
  • Malicious websites
  • Patches/Cracks for legitimate software from third party sources
  • Often bundled with other software and installed alongside

A widely used approach for maximum spread is to have malware access address book/contact lists and send itself to each person listed.  Combined with a cleverly worded plea to open an attachment or install a particular app, even the most security conscious user can be convinced to trust an attachment from what appears to be a person they know.  A recent example of this approach for Android is the Worm.Koler ransomware.  This nasty piece of malware was originally circulated through third party Android apps via pornographic websites, but has been recently adapted with an address book hijacking element that allows it to send itself via text messaging to all of an infected phone's contacts.  The text states, "Someone made a profile named -[the contact's name]- and he uploaded some of your photos! is that you?" followed by a link to a malicious PhotoViewer app that effectively locks the user out of their device until they pay a ransom.  

Tips to avoid malware infection:

  • Avoid opening links or attachments from people you do not know
  • Be suspicious of links or attachments in emails from people you do know
  • Don't download/install pirated software or media
  • Don't visit porn sites
  • Beware of sites that open other pages in a popup window or new tab
  • Do not install software from unknown or untrusted sources
  • Install antivirus software, including anti-spyware and anti-adware (see links below for some free options)
  • USE your installed antivirus software
  • Avoid torrent sites/illegal file sharing services
  • Beware of free services such as free system scans
  • Close popup windows or tabs via windows task manager
  • Keep your operating system and web browser up to date
  • Use spam filtering in your e-mail
  • Use a firewall
  • On mobile devices, do not allow software from unknown/third party sources

 Free malware detection/removal links:

Avast! Free Antivirus

AVG Free AntiVirus

Panda Free Antivirus

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

This is, by no means, a complete list of anti-malware solutions.  It has been our experience that these free solutions often perform better than the paid services, and have the added benefit of not costing a dime.  Remember, friends don't let friends surf unprotected!

Coming Soon


Dungeons and Dragons Game Manager V. 3.09



Leaves previous versions light years behind. With a completely new design, we have made managing your game easier than ever before.
Take your D and D game to the next level. Dungeons and Dragons Game Manager V. 3.09 should be on every DM's wish list.


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