• Johnny Watts | Senior Web Designer

      Johnny Watts A+1, B.Sc IT2, MCSE3 ., is our Software Developer and Senior Web Designer. He has held positions in Robotics Engineering, CNC Programming, Web Design, IT Security, and Data Management. Johnny has more than 25 years of programming and web design experience utilizing such technologies as Visual BASIC/Visual Studios, .NET, .ASP, C++, J+, CGI, PERL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NWScript, Read More
  • Web Design

      A well designed website is an absolute necessity for any business – even if you don’t intend to sell online.  The average consumer will search for your business online prior to visiting your physical location. In fact, GE Capital Retail Bank’s Second Annual Shopper Study shows that an increasing number of people do their research online prior to going out to make Read More
  • About KDG

    Kaosium Design Group was founded in Johny Watts'  basement in October, 1988.  We began life creating text based adventure games on our Commodore 64 and TRS-80 and added MUD games for BBS services in 1994.   In 1995, we expanded to include web design services.  In 2001, we added Kaos Software and Kaos Labs, and began designing and building customized Read More
  • Kaos Social Icons Module for Joomla!

    Kaos Social Icons lets you elegantly but simple display your social network links in any module position and with multiple transition options. Supports all popular social media networks, including: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, RSS, Reddit, and many (many) others. Thanks to Corey Ray at ITE Solutions for the initial concept design. Choose one or multiple social media icons to Read More
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