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A well designed website is an absolute necessity for any business, even if you don't intend to sell online. The average consumer will search for your business online prior to visiting your physical location. In fact, GE Capital Retail Bank's Second Annual Shopper Study shows that an increasing number of people do their research online prior to going out to make purchases. The study found that 81% of consumers thoroughly research a product or company online before making purchases. Your web presence is a potential customer's first impression of your business.

These days, it seems like anyone can create a simple site, quickly and easily using page generators or Content Management Systems. While these sites can look great and seem complex, true web design isn't so simple. Do you really want your site to be a clone of thousands of others, or would you prefer your content custom tailored to your business and its needs? What good is a website buried so deeply in the thousands of pages of search results that there is really not much chance of anyone ever actually seeing it? What about security? Website data breaches can be costly. Ransomware can render your site useless unless you pay a fortune for a decryption key (which you may never even get if you pay). We scan our servers daily for known security threats and use real-time activity monitoring to detect and block malicious users and bots. Daily offsite backups of databases and files ensure against ransomeware damages.

Kaosium Design Group will custom design your personal or business website to be visually appealing, cost effective, and highly rated in search engines. We will create a state of the art, fast loading, and easy to find web presence for you or your company at a price that can't be matched! Kaosium Design Group web design services include:


Hacker Safe

Our site maintenance packages include daily testing for security vulnerabilities, best practice malware prevention training, ransomware mitigation, email attachment scanning, bot management, file and directory monitoring, and daily off-site backups.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Kaosium Design Group can improve your site’s ranking in search engines -such as Google and Bing -through URL normalization, Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs, keyword and description Metadata, page cross linking and periodic sitemap submission. Our methods are proven and guaranteed to get your site a high ranking.

Blazing Fast!


Page loading time is an important part of a website user's experience and a factor in search engine ranking. In fact, according to surveys done by Akamai.com and Gomez.com:

Website visitors care about speed. Sites designed by Kaosium Design Group are blazing fast!

Social network integration

If you are not already using the immense reach and power of social media networks to drive traffic between your social media pages and your website, you should be. Making website content easily shareable improves user experience and increases awareness of your content. Kaosium Design Group can integrate your social media content into your website. With utilities for sharing your web content over social media networks, you provide your visitors the opportunity to easily share your content.

Cross browser support

Tested in all major browsers

Websites designed by Kaosium Design Group are tested in all major browsers to ensure compatibility.

Real-time Analytics

Real time analytics

Track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. Track visitor specific information such as how long they stayed and their geographical position.

Responsive Design


Sites designed by Kaosium Design Group use responsive styling which optimizes usability and viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Your site will be attractively displayed and user friendly, whether viewing from a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone - in portrait orientation or landscape.

Hosting and Maintenance Packages

Up to date content and products on your website are essential to keep customers coming to your site. In fact, your site is the first impression of you and your company on the Internet. Having out-dated information or dead links can lead to many potential customers seeking your products or services elsewhere. This situation effectively voids the entire purpose of having a web site.

Through our hosting and maintenance packages, we can ensure that your site stays up to date and running smoothly. Hosting and maintenance services are provided on a monthly fee basis depending on your needs.

Other Web Solutions

On a Budget?

Joomla! Drupal and WordPress Design

No problem! Kaosium Design Group can keep costs minimal by using free and open source Content Management Systems and extensions. Kaosium Design Group has expertise with the following CMS systems:

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